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Unstoppable.do helps overwhelmed sales professionals get the knowledge, confidence, and tools to succeed with one of the toughest areas of sales; prospecting.

BTW – I’m not a sales guru, consultant or trainer. I currently work for a software company selling to large enterprises and everything I write about is based on my own personal experiences and those of the people that I have led since I started selling in 1994. 

What I’ve seen is that prospecting is hard … and it only seems to be getting harder! But what I’ve also seen is that by using the latest tools, methods and best practices prospecting can be a lot easier, and you can even free up time for actual selling (imagine that!) or, maybe more importantly, family and fun time.

If you want to stop surviving and start thriving you are in the right place.

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Why you need to record yourself…. NOW!

If you don't know where you are starting from, how do you know which directions to follow? Do you feel comfortable with what you say? The questions you ask?  If you are like most salespeople, your [...]

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Change your results with only 3 calls

Sometimes it's the little things we do that make the difference and this is a classic example of that. At the end of the morning, or the day, or your call block instead of stopping, [...]

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What’s your ONE thing this week?

Most of us want to improve, get better at our craft, be a more effective sales person.  But the harsh reality is that most of us don't!  Be honest with yourself.  What have you got [...]

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Save time – take photos of your sales expenses on the go

I have a mental block about spending time doing "admin tasks". The idea of spending my valuable time doing paperwork just doesn't sit well with me. And I know that there are a lot people [...]

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Double your number of dials – print out your call list

A few years ago I was working with my inside sales rep to rapidly break open a new territory we had been given.  We decided we would have a joint call out day where we [...]

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Put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign

When executives want to work on something in peace and not be disturbed, they close their office doors.  On the sales floor, you don't have a door to close, so what can you do? In [...]