Why you need to record yourself…. NOW!

If you don’t know where you are starting from, how do you know which directions to follow?

Do you feel comfortable with what you say? The questions you ask?  If you are like most salespeople, your answer will be yes!  Once we do something a few times, we naturally get into a comfortable way of talking.  We tend to say the same things in the same way.  Ask the same questions. Answer questions the same way. And we feel good doing it!

And it is good this happens!  It is natural.

But are you saying things in the best possible way?  I bet not.  I bet if you recorded yourself on the phone or in meetings, you could find things to improve on.

By simply recording ourselves and listening back to calls, most of us will see many opportunities to improve.  It is perhaps the simplest way to get self awareness and there is no reason not to do it.

Action: use your phone or your computer to start recording your conversations.  Start now!

1 thought on “Why you need to record yourself…. NOW!”

  1. I must admit, I started recording my conversations for personal use and so I can take notes on calls as a Project Manager. The recordings 10 years ago are so different than the ones now. Continual growth, reflecting, and accountability are key. Think of a professional dancer in Ballet, they ALWAYS practice in front of a mirror so they can perfect their form.

    As a professional in sales, or project management – your skills to perfect are how you sound. Perfect it, great advice Andrew!

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