When your back is against the wall

How do you respond?  Do you sink into despair and see a world where everything is negative?  Or do you come up fighting and figure a way to keep moving forward?

We’ve all experienced situations where things don’t go according to plan.  Where nothing seems to be going our way.  Our prospecting doesn’t produce results.  Deals are being stalled.  Deals are being lost to the competition.  The pressure is on.

But these are the times when you reconnect to your why.

Draw from your inner strength and belief.

You’ll be glad you have surrounded yourself with positive people.  People with energy.

These are the times to show what you are made of.  Show others. Prove it to yourself.

If you are experiencing difficult times, remind yourself what is so great about your life.  If you are more introverted, take some alone time to do it. Extroverts… go to others, those that energize you, and have an open discussion about what you are experiencing.  Talk about what is important to you.

Go do it!

Action: tell me how you get back on track when your back is up against the wall