Room for 4 more

Ever looked round you and seen others being more successful than you and wondered why you aren’t seeing the same results?  Want to do things differently to overachieve but not sure exactly how? Or have you been recently promoted and want to make your mark as soon as possible?  Then good news …. 4 spots have opened up in my coaching program.


I just worked out than in the last month and a half I have coached sales professionals for over 62 hours.  Each session and each client is unique.  The common theme is that these are sales reps and managers who want to be intentional about their success this year and value the assistance of a experienced coach in achieving their goals.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential.”

— Bob Nardelli, ex-CEO The Home Depot

I now have 4 open coaching slots and I’m looking for your recommendations on who would benefit from coaching with me.

ACTION: Please send someone my way for a 40 minute exploratory call to see if coaching with me is a fit for both of us