Double your number of dials – print out your call list

A few years ago I was working with my inside sales rep to rapidly break open a new territory we had been given.  We decided we would have a joint call out day where we would sit in a conference room and bang out a bunch of calls in four, one hour blocks.  The date was set.  We were going to be unstoppable!

On the said day and time, I showed up in the conference room READY!  I had my phone and I had my list prepared and printed out.  My inside rep showed up with her laptop, and logged into the CRM.

We started.  I went down my call list line by line making call after call.  Rapid fire.  My inside rep, not so much.  She scrolled through the records, found the people she wanted to call, then made the call. Then scrolled again, found the contact and number and made a call.

The reality was that I was making at least twice as many calls as she was.  All because I had printed out my call list.

There is nothing ground breaking about this.  No secret sauce.  Just by making more calls in the time we had, I was going to book  more meetings.  And I did.

A printed call list is especially useful if you are on the road a lot.  30 minutes to kill in the parking lot before a meeting?  Whip out the call list and make a few dials.  Delayed at the airport?  Whip out the call list and make some more dials.

A printed call list is so simple to create, simple to use and has high impact.

Bonus: download the call list format I use here.