The 2 things to do in every account

Often we over complicate what we should be doing with our accounts.  In fact, it boils down to 2 things. 1) building relationships 2) moving opportunities forward. I recently talked with a rep who told me about one account that was sucking up his time.  The customer expected him (a highly paid field sales person) … Read moreThe 2 things to do in every account

When your back is against the wall

How do you respond?  Do you sink into despair and see a world where everything is negative?  Or do you come up fighting and figure a way to keep moving forward? We’ve all experienced situations where things don’t go according to plan.  Where nothing seems to be going our way.  Our prospecting doesn’t produce results. … Read moreWhen your back is against the wall

Territory planning – final thoughts

This is the final post (6th!) of a series on territory planning. Part 1 –  your sales goals Part 2 – the current situation in the territory Part 3 – the game plan Part 4 – activities Part 5 – resources Final thoughts Some thoughts about the planning process:- Don’t try and create the perfect … Read moreTerritory planning – final thoughts

5 steps to your Unfair Advantage

I love the phrase “Unfair Advantage”.  It’s so much better than unique selling proposition or differentiator.  I’d much rather have an unfair advantage than a differentiator! I wish I had started thinking about unfair advantage many years ago.  But for too long I just thought in terms of differentiators. I recently went through a brainstorming … Read more5 steps to your Unfair Advantage

10 Ways a Good Sales Manager is Like a GPS

There are many metaphors out there about sales, though fewer specific to sales management.  No metaphor is perfect, of course. But one I came across recently in another area crosses very well into sales management.  Well, I think it does anyway, in at least 10 respects… A GPS requires that the driver knows the destination. … Read more10 Ways a Good Sales Manager is Like a GPS